a modification for Unreal Tournament 2004

This is a fun modification for UT2k4 plugged together within a couple of days. I hope it will be fun for you folks too!

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The BoxMatchRollers are crates/boxes with wheels and a mounted double MG. Players sit inside and drive around in DM, TDM and VCTF game modes.
The BoxMatchRollers are able to strafe 90 degrees to the left and right if the driver just presses the strafe left/right keys without pressing the forward/backward keys.
You can pump up your wheels by hitting the Jump key. Once the wheels are pumped up you drive around much faster. Hit the Jump key again to flatten the wheels.
The wheels react on damage if shot at. They will loose 'air' while taking damage. You have simple HUD indicators that show the wheels current damage level.
The BoxMatchRoller can pickup health packs by driving over them. This will repair your wheels if damaged and will repair your BoxMatchRoller too of course. You need to pickup some packs to get your wheels in good shape again.
In the BoxMatchRollersVCTF game mode you capture and return the flags by simply running over them with your BoxMatchRoller.
Holding the Duck key will charge up your jump boosters. Once you release the Duck key your BoxMatchRoller will be kicked into the air.
Pressing AltFire will switch between an outside and an inside view. While in inside view you look out of the BoxMatchRoller thru a peep hole.
You can only fire your MGs using the Fire button while the peep hole is open.

KnownIssue: Online you start inside the BoxMatchRoller but your view is still in 3rd person view. Simply click AltFire two times to change the view properly.

Thanks go to:
Alexander 'slimshaggy' Oerter for the original idea
Martin 'MoNoSyS' Schwartzenberg for the music
Jesse Warren Taylor for the BoxMatchRoller model
and to Hagen 'HuNteR' Jaeger, slimshaggy and MoNoSyS for the 'BrainStorming' at our office

have fun !

Norbert Bogenrieder aka Beppo